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There is no online application form as such...simply pay via your normal PayPal account if you have one or alternatively via Debit/Credit card.


Your contact details will be taken from the payment advice and the Club's Development Officer will make contact with you within a couple of days.


This form of application assumes you will use email communications only - if you wish to use postal services please complete the printed application form (click here)


Before completing the payment, please ensure that your cart only includes a single subscription....


Lunar Owners Club Subscription
17.00 GBP

Apply for a full years Subscription .... £12 plus £5 Joining Fee. You will receive ongoing communications via email.
Please note that any Subscriptions taken out after 1st September in any year, cover the remainder of the current year and the whole of the following year.


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Lunar Reports 'Best February Show Ever'

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Are you a Lunar or Venus Caravan Owner.....join the Lunar Owners Club and meet friends old and new....visit some interesting locations at home and abroad....and take advantage of lower site costs at the same time. 


If you're not sure its for you, come and check us out .... if there's a rally near you, come for a coffee and a chat  .... the marshals will make you more than welcome ....


Or simply JOIN TODAY !!

Forthcoming Rallies


A Time for Celebration....and Resolution...

29th December 2017 -

2nd January 2018.

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If you are interested in joining this rally please inform Mike Green by end of December 2017.

Cost will be circa £42 per person which is due in full on booking....any adjustment up or down will be made at the time of the rally. 

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