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The Club has a programme of about 20 rallies each season, with rallies being held more or less all year round. Our venues extend from the quiet coves of Devon & Cornwall to the bright lights of Blackpool… the majestic valleys of Wales to the tranquil beauty of the Lakes. Our members have a number of choices as to where they rally…not just in the UK but in Europe as well.


Our rallies are organised & run by members for the benefit of members. If you have not rallied before give it a try…our rallies are friendly, you will be made very welcome by the other members and you are sure to have a good time… Rallies are only open to members so you will need to JOIN to take advantage of the program.


The Rally Secretary is always on the lookout for both new rally sites as well as members who are willing to take on the marshaling of a rally. GET IN TOUCH if you have details to pass on or require additional information.


Many of our rallies have electrical hook-ups but some don’t… You can click the INFO box on the Rally Program page to get detailed information on the relevant rally.



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Forthcoming Rallies


Mar 7th - 12th



Slimbridge (waiting list only)

Mar 28th - Apr 3rd




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