Dear Members


I hope this finds you all safe and well in these difficult times.


Due to Government guidelines and advice etc, we have had to cancel a number of rallies. We did not do this without some serious discussion amongst the Committee. Being charged with managing our Club and its affairs we had a duty to consider the safety of all our members during these unprecedented times. Up until the time of this Newsletter, all rallies up to August have been cancelled. Some rallies were already due to be cancelled anyway due to a lack of Marshals. This is unfortunate as your Committee has worked hard in trying to produce a fairly balanced programme.


Rather than leaving the onus on the Committee to find suitable rally sites, it would be great to have some ideas from the membership, including volunteers to act as Marshal. This may seem intimidating at first but the Committee is here to help where it can, especially with first time Marshals.


I would like to thank Caroline Applegate our Secretary who has volunteered to be our Rally Secretary and has already started to prepare the 2021 rally programme. I know she will be trying to fit one or two rallies that were cancelled this year, into next years programme.


We hope to have a new Secretary soon who will, I hope, take over from Caroline. Likewise David Cowan has volunteered to be our Newsletter Editor and as you know has already produced his first edition. Thank you both.


So what does the future hold for us? We may well have to cancel the remaining rallies for 2020. My personal opinion is that they should be cancelled. Things could change between now and September but I do not think so. I think we all realise that the majority of our members are, dare I say, elderly and thus fall within the Government category as being vulnerable. It would appear therefore that our lockdown is going to last longer than we had originally hoped. Of course campsites will be keen to reopen as they have a business to run and need the income.


However, we are not a business but a recreation Club and as such the safety and well being of all our members is of prime importance.


This brings me to the AGM in September. Several organisations and Clubs are holding their AGMs using Zoom. Some of you may already be familiar with this platform, using it to keep in touch with friends. For those of you unfamiliar with it, Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing tool where you can host calls with others. Sessions can also be recorded, which is useful for AGMs. However, we still have a month or so to make a decision on this. At the 2018 AGM I said I would be standing down as Chairman in 2020. This still stands, so nominations - well at least one - will be required for Chairman. I am pleased say that all other members of your Committee, except Teresa Hares, are standing again for re-election. Teresa has done a very good job as PR & Marketing, so we are now looking for a member to replace her.


Regarding Lunar Automotive, I can only say they have been very difficult to communicate with. The majority of information has been gleaned from one of the Facebook groups, which to my mind is not very satisfactory we being the Owners Club and, to a certain extent, ambassadors for Lunar itself. Currently we are unsure as to what the future holds for many of the manufacturers, who have had to close down their caravan production, temporarily I hope. Let us all hope that it will not be too long before we can get back to our own caravans, which are languishing in various parts of our homeland.


Now for some good news …. your Committee has decided that as 2020 has to some extent been a loss as far as rallies have gone, existing members will be entitled to a free years membership for 2021. This hopefully will be ratified at the next AGM


In the meantime stay safe and well.


Terry Hughes – Chairman


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